1. Bundesliga 2021/2022

The home matches in the 1st Badminton Bundesliga of the 1st BC Wipperfeld 2011 e.V. are played in the VOSS Arena in Wipperf├╝rth.

In order to protect our athletes and volunteers, we have been using the 2-G rule since 24.11.2021:

Admission to the events of the 1st BC Wipperfeld is only possible with proof of recovery (in the last 6 months), a valid vaccination.

School-age children and young people under the age of 16 who attend a domestic school are considered to be tested on the basis of their participation in the compulsory school tests. They do not have to present any proof (i.e.: neither immunisation or test proof nor a school certificate) where the 2-G rule applies.

Within the VOSS Arena, spectators are required to wear masks away from the seats.

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